Download [Android] TotalAV Antivirus & VPN-Total Mobile Security 2020

Get TotalAV Mobile Security 2020 to stay protected from damaging malware and viruses. Stay in control of your devices performance with a suite of speedup tools. 
Keep personal, private data safe with our Secure Browser, App Lock and Public Wi-Fi safety features.

Best Download Android Apps TotalAV Antivirus & VPN-Total Mobile Security 2020
Best Download Android Apps TotalAV Antivirus & VPN-Total Mobile Security 2020

10 Million users worldwide stay safe online with TotalAV for Android, PC & Mac. You can join them!

✔ Protect yourself against rogue apps and games before you install them
✔ 24/7 security with Real-Time Protection *
✔ Stay Private on Public Wi-Fi with VPN *
✔ Manage unwanted files that take up space
✔ Release memory and boost speed 
✔ Find and delete duplicate photos
✔ Browse the web anonymously with our Secure Browser
✔ Lock private apps with a PIN or Pattern*
✔ Stay alert to data breaches which include your email address

Why is Mobile Security Important?
In 2019, Smartphone cyberattacks increased 50% year-on-year. In fact, 76% of all cyberattacks in 2019 were financially motivated. Our phones and tablets go with us everywhere, and contain more personal data than traditional desktops or laptops ever have. TotalAV is regularly evaluated, and has scored 100% for malware detection in the last nine VB100 tests, meaning our users will always be protected from the latest known threats.

TotalAV isn’t just about antivirus, we have a range of integrated optimization tools at our disposal. We give you the tools to improve the speed of your device, meaning no more running out of space! No more slow loading screens! And above all, your personal data is secure!

Privacy is at the core of TotalAV for Android. Our data breach checker enables users to see if their personal information has been exposed in any known website breaches. We also provide a privacy-focused, non-tracking, incognito browser – set with a default search engine that prides itself on not logging searches.

Why not sign up today and claim your free diagnostic scan, it’s quick and easy! We will scan your device and identify any threats present along with assessing your devices overall security. By signing up to a premium account you will be able to activate your subscription and enable our powerful features.