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[iOS] Hidester VPN

Download [iOS] Hidester VPN

Hidester is an innovative VPN service to encrypt your Internet data easily. With Hidester VPN your online privacy is safe, and you will have access to unlimited blocked contents. 

Best Download iOS Apps Hidester VPN
Best Download iOS Apps Hidester VPN

Our VPN client for iOS is user-friendly and intuitive even for inexperienced users. Activating the VPN protection is just one click away. Alternatively, you may customize the service as you like using the many features included in the service.

How To Use Hidester VPN

Step 1 Open the Hidester VPN application

Step 2 Chose a VPN server from the list of countries

Step 3 Activate Hidester VPN to encrypt all your data and safeguard your online privacy

Step 4 You can now surf anonymously and surf the Internet with peace of mind

Why Use Hidester VPN

To protect all your sensitive data and keeping it away from prying eyes

To stop hackers

To hide your real IP address

To connect to public WiFi safely

To access geo-restricted contents

To bypass Internet censorship (for instance in China)

To use P2P and BitTorrent Download safely

To skip annoying ads

Hidester VPN Features

Whenever you subscribe to any Hidester VPN plan, you will enjoy numerous advanced functions. These features are designed to make your VPN connection more secure and flexible depending on your needs and usage.

You can use all the features or only some of them depending on how you want your VPN to perform and if you are a first-timer or a power-user. 

The main Hidester VPN features are:

No-logs policy

Kill Switch

LAN Proxy

VPN servers worldwide

Several VPN protocols supported (OpenVPN, CamoVPN, CamoWeb)

AES-256-CBC TLS 2048 bits Encryption Level

Works with Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G and all mobile data carriers

Integrated leak test

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited traffic volume

Unlimited server switches

Server change without disconnecting

5 simultaneous connections

Customer support

7-day money back guarantee

How Does Hidester VPN Work?

Hidester VPN has been designed to be super easy to install and activate.

After downloading the Hidester VPN on your iOS device, just open the app. The interface will show you the best performing VPN server closer to your location. If you are not happy with this server or you need to connect to a specific Country, pick a new server from the list. Now you just need to click on the “Log In” button, and you are ready to go. From now on all your Internet traffic will be encrypted. Your ISP, government agencies, hackers, prying eyes and others will not be able to know what you are doing online, and your sensitive data will be hidden.

With Hidester VPN you can surf the Internet and connect to public WiFi hotspot safely. Hiding your real IP address and connecting to a VPN server in a specific Country you can easily access geo-restricted contents.

Hidester VPN is the most comfortable and safest way to surf the Internet anonymously and protect your online privacy.

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