[iOS] VPN – Fast & Secure VPN Proxy

[iOS] VPN – Fast & Secure VPN Proxy

Download [iOS] VPN – Fast & Secure VPN Proxy

Hi VPN is the top secure and unlimited VPN (Virtual Private Network) proxy for your devices. Hi VPN masks your IP address, encrypts your Internet traffic, protects your privacy with a secure connection on public Wi-Fi so that you can access any content safely and anonymously.

Best Download iOS Apps VPN – Fast & Secure VPN Proxy
Best Download iOS Apps VPN – Fast & Secure VPN Proxy

Why Choose Hi VPN?

• Hi VPN is extremely fast, and especially secure.

• Large number of servers covering all around the world.

• All-new designed app with an unprecedented smooth experience.

• Intelligently choose the fastest and highest quality server.

• Hi VPN has no limit on traffic and usage time at all.

• No need to register or login, no account required.

• No tracking of your network access, no log storage.

• No additional permissions required.

• Hi VPN works with Wi-Fi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile cellular data carriers.

Install Hi VPN Now You Can:

► Stay anonymous online and protect privacy

Using Hi VPN, your IP and location will be masked and your activities can no longer be tracked on the Internet. Hi VPN is fully committed to your Internet privacy and keeps no logs of your activity, even if someone requests the data of our VPN service users, we have none to provide.

► Secure your device and your mobile data

Hi VPN secures your device’s connection while you’re connected to public Wi-Fi hotspots or cellular data networks. Your password and your personal data are secured and you are protected from hacker attacks.

► Obtain largest range of country and region coverage

Hi VPN offers tens of thousands of servers in dozens of countries including the United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, India and more, which gives you more choices and better connection speeds.

► Use unlimited VPN, forever

As we promise, Hi VPN always keep unlimited, and will continue forever. (Free VPN version may show some ads. Upgrade to Hi VPN Premium to enjoy ad-free VPN, if you prefer.)

What is a VPN and Why Would I Need One?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. VPNs can be used to shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi, and more.

In very simple terms, a VPN connects your PC, smartphone, or tablet to another computer (called a server) somewhere on the internet, and allows you to browse the internet using that computer’s internet connection. So if that server is in a different country, it will appear as if you are coming from that country, and you can potentially access things that you couldn’t normally.

The vast majority of people these days are using VPN. They are still very useful for protecting yourself while working at a coffee shop, but that’s hardly the primary use anymore.

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